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Before 1872, meetings of Provincial Grand Conclave were held either in Bath or in Taunton, but on the 5th July 1872 the venue was changed to Weston-super-Mare. The occasion was the consecration of the new encampment, Worlebury Encampment of St. Dunston, with the ceremony being performed by the Provincial Grand Commander R.E.Kt.Capt. The Honourable Arthur Wellington Alexander Nelson Hood. The seven petitioners included five members of the Camp of Baldwyn, one of whom, Sir Kt. Gore Boland Mumbee, became the first commander. Another of the petitioners was Sir Kt. General H. E. Doherty, whose subsequent appointments included that of Provincial Grand Master in the Mark Degree. It is of interest to note that three other members of the Preceptory have succeeded to that office, namely Kt.R.C.Else, Kt. T.W.R.Proctor, and R.E.Kt.David Palmer.

The Preceptory's name is a combination of saint and place name, being derived, in part, from Worlebury hill-camp, an iron-age fort sited at the western end of Worle Hill which overlooks Weston-super-Mare. The name also commemorates St. Dunstan, although he does not seem to have had any special connection with the town. Sources consulted indicate that he was born in or near Glastonbury in either 909, 910, 924 or 925, and that he was buried there in 988. St Dunstan was a great Churchman and, like so many of those in high office in the Church, he was a great statesman as well. He served as adviser to some on the Kings of Wessex, and his appointments also included that of Abbot of Glastonbury in 945 and Archbishop of Canterbury from 959 until his death. With Oswald, Archbishop of York, he crowned Edgar at Bath in 973, and the ritual followed then became the basis for all future coronations.

The considerable influence exercised by members of the Camp of Baldwyn at the time of the consecration has already been indicated, and that fraternal relationship has continued, most notably during the Second World War when Knights found a temporary home in Weston-Super-Mare following extensive war damage to the masonic premises in Bristol.

The Preceptory celebrated its Centenary  at a meeting on 3rd October 1973, which was attended by the Provincial Prior, V.E.Kt.W.B.Clatworthy, who was supported on that occasion by the Provincial Prior of Bristol.. During the meeting a brief history of the Preceptory was given, and the centenary warrant presented by the Provincial Prior.


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E.Kt.Andy Clapp


E.Kt.Reg Ferm


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Officers 2017-18

Next Meeting

Wednesday 2nd May 2018



Main Course


Cheese & Biscuits.

Allergies MUST be notified


Bar available


A Rehearsal will take place on TBA.

All Officers are requested to attend.


All members of the Preceptory who are not on the permanent dining List please forward payment to the Registrar a.s.a.p.

NOTE; final numbers have to be submitted 8 days before the meeting, together with any special dietary requirements

Meals booked and not taken WILL be charged.


Principal Contacts


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Most Recent Notable Events

Agenda (abbreviated)

An abbreviated version of the Summons for our next meeting will be posted here when it becomes available.

2016 ….. E.Kt. A Perks

2016 ….. E.Kt. B D Horn

2015 ….. E.Kt. J A N Frost

2013 & 2014 ….. E.Kt. A  S Clapp

2012 ….. E.Kt. R A Sheppard PGtCham

2011 ….. E.Kt. N T Hammond

2010 ….. E.Kt. R J Tossell  

2009 ….. E.Kt. P Parks

2008 ….. E.Kt. M Roach

2007 ….. E.Kt. J Hunter

2006 ….. E.Kt. B V H Stubbs

2005 ….. E.Kt. D R Hammond

2003 & 2004 ….. E.Kt. P J Summers PGtCham

2002 ….. E.Kt. D R Hammond

2001 ….. E.Kt. R Litchfield

2000 ….. E.Kt. T J Rhodes

1999 ….. E.Kt. R F Beckingham PGtA-de-C

1998 ….. E.Kt. C T Cooper

1997 ….. E.Kt. D A Wood

1996 ….. E.Kt. W C Edwards

1995 ….. E.Kt. T J W Stidddard

1994 ….. E.Kt. R S M Smith

1993 ….. E.Kt. J M Elmont PGtA-de-C

1992 ….. E.Kt. R Garland

1991 ….. E.Kt. R W Holland

1990 ….. E.Kt. A W Bailey

1989 ….. E.Kt. R L Ferm PGtStdB(B)

1988 ….. E.Kt. F J Gill

1987 ….. E.Kt. C Line

1986 ….. E.Kt. C T Cooper PGtStdB(B)

1985 ….. E.Kt. C Beswick

1984 ….. E.Kt. D R Parrott

1983 ….. E.Kt. H A W Robbins

1982 ….. E.Kt. K J Waterhouse

1981 ….. E.Kt. E S Beverstock

1980 ….. E.Kt.

1979 ….. E.Kt. N Matheson

1978 ….. E.Kt. A G Lewis

1977 ….. E.Kt. K Wilson

1976 ….. E.Kt. M A Gard

1975 ….. E.Kt. G A Parrott

1974 ….. E.Kt. D Overy

1973 ….. E.Kt. R C Watts

1972 ….. E.Kt. A A C Owen

1971 ….. E.Kt. A H Seaton

1970 ….. E.Kt. D Palmer

1969 ….. E.Kt. H D Westbury

1968 ….. E.Kt. G F Wadham

1967 ….. E.Kt. K King

1966 ….. E.Kt. P Broomhall

1965 ….. E.Kt. W Leat

1964 ….. E.Kt. L J Barnett

1963 ….. E.Kt. D J Lumber

1962 ….. E.Kt. E C Mullins

1961 ….. E.Kt. F C Horstmann

1960 ….. E.Kt. C J Wallbutton

1959 ….. E.Kt. E I Downe

1958 ….. E.Kt.

1957 ….. E.Kt.

1956 ….. E.Kt.

1955 ….. E.Kt.

1954 ….. E.Kt.

1953 ….. E.Kt.

1952 ….. E.Kt.

1951 ….. E.Kt.

1950 ….. E.Kt.

1949 ….. E.Kt.

1948 ….. E.Kt.

1947 ….. E.Kt.

1946 ….. E.Kt.

1945 ….. E.Kt.

1944 ….. E.Kt.

1943 ….. E.Kt.

1942 ….. E.Kt.

1941 ….. E.Kt.

1940 ….. E.Kt.

1939 ….. E.Kt.

1938 ….. E.Kt.

1937 ….. E.Kt.

1936 ….. E.Kt.

1935 ….. E.Kt.

1934 ….. E.Kt.

1933 ….. E.Kt.

1932 ….. E.Kt.

1931 ….. E.Kt.

1930 ….. E.Kt.

1929 ….. E.Kt.

1928 ….. E.Kt.

1927 ….. E.Kt.

Honours Board

December 2016

The charge was delivered  by the 2nd Constable Bro.Kt.Robert  Palfrey;

The Accolade was conferred by the R.E.Kt. Barry D Burridge K.C.T. the Provincial Prior of Somerset, using the Somerset Sword of Chivalry, which had earlier in the evening been delivered to the Preceptory by a delegation of 13 Knights from the Templecombe Preceptory No.686; and,

The Symbols were explained by E.Kt.Ray Sheppard, E.Kt.David Greenaway and Bro.Kt.Ron Ward.

Sunday 24th June 2018


we are holding a


Family Lunch

at the

Masonic Hall Tivoli Lane Weston-super-Mare BS23 1NZ

12.30pm for 1.00pm.

Seating will be at round tables for 8

Cost, £16 per adult and £10 for children (11 and under)

There will be a raffle (Donation of Prizes will be appreciated by Ray Beckingham) in aid of the Provincial Prior’s appeal for a special piece of equipment for the JERUSALEM Eye Hospital which will be donated during the Provincial celebrations for the 175th Anniversary in 2021.

Early application is advised as we are limited in the numbers able to dine. Please contact Philip Summers (01934 644252) for reservations