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Bro. Kt. David Leslie Preece and Bro. Kt. Peter Tai Gyoku Yusen were installed as Knights of the Order on 16th May 2017  

March 2017

The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple

and St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta

in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

The Templecombe Priory No. 686

Eminent Prior

E.Kt. P. R. Doust PPrDepMar

Dear Sir and Brother Knight

You are requested to attend a Priory to be held at the Masonic Hall, High Street, Yatton, North Somerset BS49 4DW on Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 11 a..m.    


E.Kt.S.Burrell PrPrHer - Registrar


  1.  To open the Priory.
  2. To welcome the R.E.Kt. B.D. Burridge KCM, the Provincial Prior for Somerset and the Provincial Sub-Prior.
  3. To elect and install Knights of the Order
  4. To elect for the year 2017-2018:- a) An Eminent Preceptor/Prior  b) A Treasurer  c) A Guard
  5. To present a Great Priory Patent
  6. To receive Communications
  7. To receive a Report from the Hospitaller & collect Alms.
  8. To transact Any Other Business.
  9. To close the Priory.



1st Constable


2nd Constable








Deputy Marshall




1st Herald


2nd Herald


Standard Bearer (B)


Standard Bearer (VB)


Captain of Guards






The consecration of the Templecombe Preceptory No.686 took place on Tuesday 26th January 2012 and was most ably and impressively performed by the Rt.E.Kt.Barry Desmond Burridge,  the Provincial Prior of the Provincial Priory of Somerset, assisted by thirteen of his Officers and in the presence of the twenty-two founders and fifty-two guests.

Having entered under an Arch of Steel, formed by Knights of his Bodyguard, the Provincial Prior opened the Preceptory in due form. The Provincial Prelate gave an Oration on the nature and principles of the Order in a most eloquent and succinct way before the Consecrating Officer summoned the Knights Petitioner to appear before him and demanded the Warrant be read by the Provincial Vice-Chancellor.

The ceremonial was then carried out by the Consecrating Officer with the traditional scattering of corn, pouring of wine and sprinkling of oil, with the Provincial Prelate pronouncing the invocations. The Standards were then unfurled and consecrated in traditional form followed by prayer.

The Rt.E.Kt.Barry Desmond Burridge then installed V.E.Kt.Robin David George Bex, the Provincial Sub-Prior, as the First Eminent Preceptor of the Preceptory. The newly installed Eminent Preceptor then appointed and invested E.Kt Raymond Guthrie as 1st Constable and E.Kt.Royston T.C.A.Thompson as 2nd Constable, and the remainder of  his officers. Following which, honorary membership was conferred upon the Provincial Prior R.Em.Kt.B.D.Burridge, the Provincial Vice-Chancellor Em.Kt.J.S.Widdicombe, the Provincial Prelate E.Kt.V.F.Easthope, the Provincial Marshall E.Kt.R.T.Cooper and Provincial Organist E.Kt.D.Calderly.


© Copyright of the Provincial Priory of Somerset 2016


E.Kt.Stuart M.Burrell


E.Kt.Austin Chivers


Next Meeting


Tuesday 16th May 2017


Honey Baked Ham with Parsley Sauce, New Potatoes & Vegetables

Strawberries & Cream

Cheese & Biscuits

Coffee /Tea & mints


Special dietary needs arranged on request

Bar available


Members are reminded that Subscriptions are due on the 25th October


Rehearsals  will always  be held @ 11.00 a.m. on the Wednesday of the week preceding the meeting

All Officers are expected to attend, but if unable to be present then the Marshal MUST be notified.


Dining arrangements will be made by the Dining Officer for all Knights who return the Reservation Slip together with the appropriate payment, to reach him by 9th May 2017 Meals booked and not taken WILL be charged.

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 Templecombe Preceptory

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  • Continually wish to enjoy the camaraderie of the Order
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  • Don’t like driving at night

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Masonic Hall - Yatton

2016 ….. E.Kt. P. R. Doust

2015 ….. E.Kt. D. J. Tadman

2014 ….. E.Kt. A. J. Chivers

2013 ….. E.Kt. R. Thompson

2012 ….. E.Kt. R. Guthrie PGtA-de-C

Inaugural ….. V.E.Kt. R. D. G. Bex PGtReg

Honours Board

An abbreviated version of the Summons for our next meeting will be posted here when it becomes available.

March 2016

The REPP was warmly welcomed by the Eminent Preceptor and salutations were given to him and all the other distinguished Knights there present, before the business of the day commenced.

Successful ballots were undertaken for two candidates for Installation as Knights of the Temple, and for a Joining Member Bro.Kt.David O'Callaghan who was warmly greeted as the latest Knight to join the Preceptory.

Companion David L Preece was then installed as a Knight of the Temple. The ceremony was conducted in a most impressive manner by the Eminent Preceptor splendidly assisted by his officers with E.Kt.Colin Wilson delivering the Charge and Bro.Kts. Jim Corbett, Phil Giorgetti and Barry Jones presenting the Symbols superbly. The Accolade was given by the REPP, an honour which any new Knight of the Order would be most proud to receive.

Upon conclusion, the REPP complemented the Preceptory on such a resplendent meeting, saying that not only will it be long remembered as being the first Provincial Visit to the Preceptory but for the glory of the meeting itself. The REPP accompanied by his retinue then retired before the Preceptory was closed in due form.

A magnificent feast then followed in a most convivial atmosphere abounding with brotherly love, harmony and concord and culminating with the appropriate Toasts which were given with true Knightly gusto.

October 2015

May 2016

30 Knights were present to witness the installation of our new Bro.Kt. Roger P Hutchings, who was installed in a splendid manner by the Eminent Preceptor and his Officers; the charge being presented by E.Kt.Colin Wilson and the Symbols explained by Bro.Kt.Jim Corbett, Bro.Kt.Phil Giorgetti and E.Kt.Ray Guthrie; the Accolade was conferred by E.KT.Ian Cox.

The Preceptory was also delighted to welcome two Joining members E.Kt.Michael D Needs and Bro.Kt.John C Hawkins, both of whom were warmly greeted by the EP on behalf of all the Knights of the Preceptory.

A magnificent dinner followed in an atmosphere charged with happiness, friendship and cheer, culminating with the appropriate Toasts which were given with true Somerset gusto.

October 2016

December 2016