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Somerset Sword of Chivalry

At the Consecration of the Templecombe Preceptory on 24th January 2012, E.Kt.Barry Ian Leat,  a member of Baldwyn Commandery and Preceptory TI, presented a Templar’s Sword to the Right Eminent Provincial Prior for Somerset.

The sword was given to E.Kt.Leat by a member of his craft lodge in Bristol, who had received it from a friend of his with the request that it be “passed back to where it belonged”. He said that the sword came from a David Barrah and that as far as he knew, it should go back to the “Moira Lodge”. The only additional information was that it had previously belonged to David Barrah's father, the late Kenneth Barrah. David Barrah incidentally is not a mason.

Kenneth James Barrah was exalted in September 1931, age 28, a Manipulative Surgeon as his stated profession, and he remained a member of the Chapter until his death in 1970.

He was installed as a Knight Templar in the Shadwell Clerke Preceptory No.154 in London. In 1957 he became a Founder Member and the first Eminent Preceptor of the Estune Command Preceptory No.354 which still meets in Nailsea.

The family home was based in Portishead, so it is very appropriate that his sword is returned to Somerset and E.Kt.LKeat considered it a great pleasure in presenting this restored sword to the Provincial Prior of Somerset, R.E.Kt.Barry Burridge.

The Right Eminent Provincial Prior sincerely thanked Em.Kt.Leat for this presentation and added that from this time forward, it was to be known as the “Somerset Sword of Chivalry”, and that it would be passed from Preceptory to Preceptory to instil and foster lasting fellowship and goodwill between all Knights throughout the Province. The Right Eminent Provincial Prior then charged the Eminent Preceptor of Templecombe Preceptory with the swords safe keeping for the time being and, with as many Knights as possible of the Templecombe Preceptory, to deliver it to the Exmoor Preceptory in Minehead, on Monday 27th of February 2012.

The Sword has now journeyed to every Preceptory in the Province and will continue to promote the friendship between all the Knights of Somerset on its never ending mission. Any Knight who is installed as a Knight of the Temple when the Sword is present receives the Accolade with it. This is then recorded in a special binder which travels with the Sword, creating a historical chain of events for our future members.



Receiving Dates


Keynsham Preceptory of St Keyna No.455

1st March

Estune Command Preceptory No.354

26th May

Our Lady of Walsingham Preceptory No.672

30th June

Cumba Preceptory No.476

2nd September

Templecombe Peceptory No.686

25th October

Worlebury Preceptory No.121

7th December


Selwood Preceptory No.244

6th February

King Ina Preceptory No.211

13th April

Exmoor Preceptory No.638

24th April

King Arthur Preceptory No.551

21st June

Antiquity Encampment No.1

24th November


Keynsham Preceptory of St Keyna No.455

15th January

Bladud Preceptory No.40

22nd February

Estune Command Preceptory No.354

22nd March

Templecombe Peceptory No.686

15th May

Our Lady of Walsingham Preceptory No.672

25th October

Worlebury Preceptory No.121

5th December

Presentation Dates 2016 - 2018

Presentation Procedural

Sword of Chivalry Procedure



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