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  1. To open the Preceptory.

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Selwood Preceptory of St.John No.244 Meets at the Masonic Hall, North Parade, Frome, Somerset BA11 1AU  on the first Monday in February, June and October @ 6-30 p.m.   Eminent Preceptor E.Kt. Bill Whitehead - Installed 5th February 2018



1st Constable


2nd Constable








Deputy Marshall




1st Herald


2nd Herald


Standard Bearer (B)

E.Kt.Bill Platts

Standard Bearer (VB)


Captain of Guards






This is another example of a combination of saint and place name. St. John the Baptist is the Dedication Saint of Frome Parish Church which may well account for the use of this name by the Preceptory. The present church built in stages between 1150 and 1450 and elaborately restored in Victorian times, stands on the site of a church established by St. Aldhelm, then Abbot of Malmesbury, in about 685. The inclusion of the name Selwood perpetuates the ancient and vast Forest of Selwood which formally extended from Frome southwards.

The Preceptory was consecrated at Frome on the 24th May 1927, the ceremony being performed by the Most Eminent and Supreme Pro Grand Master, Major General T.C.P. Calley, assisted by officers of Great Priory and of Provincial Priory. There were 12 founder members, and the first Eminent Preceptor was Eminent Knight T.H.Langford-Sainsbury; and this, at the time when the R.E.Kt.Col.Alfred Thrale Perkins was the Provincial Prior of Somerset, Monmouth and South Wales.

It may be noted that Knights from Bath held meetings in Frome whilst their own Temple was being repaired following war damage.

The Preceptory Banner was dedicated on the 17th May 1996 by the Provincial Sub-Prior E.Kt.J.R.Pearson. The Provincial Prelate designate gave an Address on the significance of the Banner, and then offered up the dedicatory Prayer.


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E.Kt. Peter Brassett


E.Kt.Tony Clark


Monday 4th June 2018



Main Course

Desert/Cheese & Biscuits



Special dietary needs arranged on request

Bar available from 5:30 (ish)


There WILL BE a Rehearsal for this meeting as usual on the Friday before the meeting.

All Officers are expected to attend, but if unable to be present then the Registrar and Marshal MUST be notified.


To comply with the timetable stipulated by the Caterers and ratified by the Frome Masonic Hall Board of Management, Dining requests must be made to the Treasurer, by c.o.p. on the 2nd Sunday before the Meeting, in this instance by

Sunday 27th May 2018

Requests for meals received after this date cannot be guaranteed

Meals booked and not taken WILL be charged.

History 1927 to .......

Officers 2018-19

Principal Contacts


Of being a member of the Selwood Preceptory

  • Lowest (?) Subs in the Province
  • Help with obtaining Regalia
  • Historical ceremonial in a magnificent setting

Recent Notable Events

Agenda (abbreviated)

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2018 ….. E.Kt. W Whitehead

2017 ….. E.Kt. W Platts

2016 ….. E.Kt. M I Russell

2015 ….. E.Kt. W Whitehead

2014 ….. E.Kt. C W Ayton

2013 ….. E.Kt. D J Tadman

2012 ….. E.Kt. A F R Clark

2011 ….. E.Kt. A R Guthrie

2010 ….. E.Kt. J M B Calverley

2009 ….. E.Kt. D M Fiskin

2008 ….. E.Kt. C J Robbins

2007 ….. E.Kt. M J Price

2006 ….. E.Kt. A J Carter

2005 ….. E.Kt. W Platts

2004 ….. E.Kt. B T Dancer

2003 ….. E.Kt. D J Owens

2002 ….. E.Kt. K Sumner

2001 ….. E.Kt. D M Hann

2000 ….. E.Kt. C R Stilton

1999 ….. E.Kt. J R Price

1998 ….. E.Kt. J M Gibson

1997 ….. E.Kt. D J Owens

1996 ….. E.Kt. G A R Lowe

1995 ….. E.Kt. G W Moore

1994 ….. E.Kt. M N Box

1993 ….. E.Kt. P J H Christie

1992 ….. E.Kt. J G Low

1991 ….. E.Kt. K G Vining

1990 ….. E.Kt. D P S Hobbs PGtHer

1989 ….. E.Kt. I J Evans

1988 ….. E.Kt. J F Padwick PGtWofReg

1987 ….. E.Kt. K J Lacham

1986 ….. E.Kt. K G Bennett

1985 ….. E.Kt. D J Ayres

1984 ….. E.Kt. F H C Mounty

1983 ….. E.Kt. G D F Meaden

1982 ….. E.Kt. N J Thomson

1981 ….. E.Kt. C S Pearson

1980 ….. E.Kt. R Townsend

1979 ….. E.Kt. D Robinson

1978 ….. E.Kt. F H C Mounty

1977 ….. E.Kt. B W D Cooke

1976 ….. E.Kt. C Seymour

1975 ….. E.Kt. V J Linham

1974 ….. E.Kt. C Jones

1973 ….. E.Kt. F H Vining

1972 ….. E.Kt. H J White

1971 ….. E.Kt. L E W Lane

1970 ….. E.Kt. L D Wyer

1969 ….. E.Kt. H J Swanborough

1968 ….. E.Kt. K C Kinnersley

1967 ….. E.Kt. C H Evemy

1966 ….. E.Kt. E H Nash

1965 ….. E.Kt. Rev R S K lance

1964 ….. E.Kt. W G Hayward

1963 ….. E.Kt. Rev P W G Clough

1962 ….. E.Kt. E G Evemy

1961 ….. E.Kt. C Horsfield

1960 ….. E.Kt. J H Yates

1959 ….. E.Kt. E C Davies

1958 ….. E.Kt. A G P Evans

1957 ….. E.Kt. W H Patterson

1956 ….. E.Kt. A W Evemy

1955 ….. E.Kt. A C Padfield

1954 ….. E.Kt. W A Goddard

1953 ….. E.Kt. G Coleman

1952 ….. E.Kt. H D Adams

1951 ….. E.Kt. L T Shearn

1950 ….. E.Kt. J A Aspden

1949 ….. E.Kt. H T Trewin

1948 ….. E.Kt. G E Denman

1947 ….. E.Kt. F M Russ

1946 ….. E.Kt. J Barwick

1945 ….. E.Kt. A L Pope

1944 ….. E.Kt. W W Milton

1943 ….. E.Kt. E W Farmer

1942 ….. E.Kt. H J Tovey

1941 ….. E.Kt. W R Edwards

1940 ….. E.Kt. A Barrett

1939 ….. E.Kt. O L Seward

1938 ….. E.Kt. C L’Orte Miall

1937 ….. E.Kt. C H Shearn

1936 ….. E.Kt. A E V Spill

1935 ….. E.Kt. C Heal

1934 ….. E.Kt. A M G Daniel

1933 ….. E.Kt. T Grifiths

1932 ….. E.Kt. J O Lewis

1931 ….. E.Kt. R T A Hughes

1930 ….. E.Kt. A T Richardson

1929 ….. E.Kt. W J Hole

1928 ….. E.Kt. P B Rigg

1927 ….. E.Kt. T H Langford Sainsbury (inaugural)

Honours Board

An abbreviated version of the Agenda for our next meeting will be posted here when it becomes available.

The Blue House


Frome Masonic Hall

October 2015

October 2014

June 2016

The ceremony was carried out in a most splendid manner by the EP, assisted by E.Kt.David Hann who delivered the Charge, E.Kt.Alex Carter who explained the Symbols and E.Kt.Neil Hawes the Provincial Sub-Prior of Somerset who conferred the Accolade. Afterwards the Knights retired for welcome refreshment and a very enjoyable dinner, culminating with the appropriate Toasts given with gusto.

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February 2018