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Exmoor Preceptory No.638

Eminent Preceptor E.Kt.Christopher C. Muggleton PGtStdB(B)

Installed on Monday 24 April 2017

Estune Command Preceptory No.354

Eminent Preceptor E.Kt. Darrell J. Hinder

Installed Tuesday 28 September 2017

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Charitable pursuit for 2021

in support of:

Cystic Fibrosis

 Comfort Fund

A locally run charity

Somerset Sword of Chivalry

Current Custodian

King Arthur of Avalon Preceptory No.551

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Cogitation Corner

(Rhetorical Questions)

What does the term “a’beauceant” actually mean?

In olden times, could a horse really carry two fully armoured Knights?

When you cross your legs are you riding side saddle……?

Can the Beauceant Standard be likened to the two great pillars?

How many sword drills are performed in the Temple and Malta Ceremonies?

Most Recently Installed Preceptors



till end 2018

Antiquity Encampment No.1

Eminent Commander E.Kt. John A Papps

Installed on Friday 27th April 2017        

Other News from around the Province

Worlebury Preceptory of St.Dunstan No.121

Eminent Preceptor E.Kt. Alan Perks

Installed Wednesday 4 October 2017


Tuesday November 21st

Great Priory


14th December

Combined Orders Carol Service at W-s-M  for family and Friends

October 24th

Templecombe Preceptory

October 25th

Keynsham Preceptory

October 30th

Our lady of Walsingham

A reminder that Great Priory is being held on Tuesday 21st November

Antiquity and Bladud Priory

Eminent Prior E.Kt. Dennis P. Oakman

Installed Wednesday 24 May 2017

Bro. Kt. Kenneth Ellis  

Installed as a Knight of the Order on 2nd Oct 2017

The Selwood Priory No.244

Bro.Kt. Ian William Evans, of Worlebury

Installed as a Knight of the Order 29th June 2017

Our Lady of Walsingham Priory No.672

Sword of Chivalry

175th  Anniversary


St John of Jerusalem

Eye Hospital

The charity supported by our Order

Your suggestion box for a 3rd Charity


Yet to be selected


Bro.Kt. Stephen J Beach

Installed as Knight of the Temple on 1st Sept. 2017

The Cumba Preceptory No.476

Bro.Kt. Nicholas J. Delaney

Installed as Knight of the Temple on 27th Sept. 2017

The King Arthur of Avalon Preceptory No.551

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Templecombe Preceptory No.686

Bro.Kt. Terence W. Gunner

Installed as Knight of the Temple on 28th Sep 2017

Estune Command Preceptory No.354

Bro.Kt. John M Griffin

Installed as a Knight of the Temple 12th Oct 2017

The King Ina Preceptory No.211          

Provincial Priory of Somerset 2017

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