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It is not always easy to select an appropriate name for a new Preceptory, but the title King Arthur of Avalon is most appropriate for one meeting at Glastonbury.

The story of King Arthur is such a tangle of history and folklore that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. The name, however, not only conjours up visions of the Knights of the Round Table, the Holy Grail, Excaliber and the days of chivalry, but it leads our thoughts to Avalon. In Celtic mythology “the island of the blest or paradise” and in Arthurian legend “the island of heroes to which the dead King was conveyed.” In pre-history, before the Somerset marshes were drained, flooding would, have turned the area around Glastonbury into an island, and there are many who believe Glastonbury to have been the mysterious Isle of Avalon. Known as “Avalonia” by the Romans and “Glaestin-ga-byrig” by the Anglo Saxons this links the names Glastonbury and Avalon.

The establishment of the Preceptory was first suggested by the Right Eminent Provincial Prior who thought the location central to several Royal Arch Chapters which might prove an adequate source of recruitment. In the event 22 knights signed the petition and the Preceptory was consecrated on the 1st March 1989, by the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand master, Harold Devereux Still, G.C.T., assisted by officers of Great Priory and of Provincial Priory.

The ceremony was, in fact, carried out in Taunton as it was recognised that the Temple at Glastonbury would be too small to accommodate all those wishing to attend. Following the consecration, the Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knight David Palmer, K.C.T., installed Eminent Knight T.C.M.Stock as the first Eminent Preceptor.

The new Preceptory lost no time in establishing fraternal relationships outside the Province and, in June 1990, it was host to a party of knights from Middlesex led by their Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knight Dennis Padmore, K.C.T. Later that year the Preceptory banner, which had been donated through the generosity of its first Eminent Preceptor, was dedicated by the Right Eminent Provincial Prior.


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A new Dining facility has been arranged and the intention is to meet there after the meeting @ 8.15 for 8.30pm.

Dining Slips are required to be completed, and returned to the Registrar by TBA with your remittance.

There is NO facility to book by telephone and “pay on the night”.

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Wednesday 20th June 2018

2018 ….. E.Kt. G Derrick

2017 ….. E.Kt. N T Hammond

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2012 & 2013 ….. E.Kt. R W Morss

2010 & 2011 …..E.Kt. A J Carter

2009 ….. H C Harding

2008 ….. P E A Forrest

2007 ….. E.Kt. R F Deane

2006 ….. E.Kt. D B Platten PGtA-de-C

2005 ….. E.Kt. P J Davis

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1991 ….. E.Kt. M D Needs

1990 ….. E.Kt. W R J Knight

1989 ….. E.Kt.

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