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Cumba Preceptory No.476 Meets at The Masonic Hall, Crewkerne TA18 7JU  on the first Friday of March, May, September and December @ 6:30 p.m.  Eminent Preceptor: 	 E.Kt.Alan J McMurray -  Installed 3rd March 2017



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The Preceptory takes its name from Cumba or Combe (now Templecombe) the site of the old Preceptory or Commandery in Somerset of the Knights Templar (1185-1313) and later the Knights Hospitaller (1313-1540).

The Preceptory was consecrated at Yeovil on the 7th January 1977, the ceremony being performed by the Provincial Prior,  Very Eminent Kt. W.B.Clatworthy, assisted by officers of Great Priory and of Provincial Priory. There were a total of 24 founder members, and the first Eminent Preceptor, Eminent Knight Sir Lionel Brett was installed by the Provincial Sub-Prior, E.Kt.K.C.Kinnersley.

(It may be added that Sir Lionel was subsequently appointed 2nd Great Constable and that from 1984 until his death in 1990, he held the office Great Chancellor. In 1985 he became only the second member of the Province to be appointed Knight Grand Cross of the United Orders. His sword may be seen on the Honours Board of the Preceptory with the inscription “The sword of R.E.Kt. Sir Lionel Brett, G.C.T., Great Chancellor and First Preceptor. Never drawn without cause. Never sheathed without honour”).

Meetings were held, initially, in the Masonic Hall at Yeovil, but in September 1988, the venue was changed and the Preceptory now meets in Crewkerne.

The Preceptory banner, bearing the device of the Christus, was presented through the generosity of the first Eminent Preceptor and was dedicated at the meeting of the Preceptory held on the 5th September 1980.

It is of interest to note that the original Cumba Preceptory at Templecombe was founded in 1185 by Serlo Fitz Odo, and that the final toast given at the festive board of the present Cumba Preceptory is “To the Pious memory of Serlo Fitz Odo”. The toast is taken seated.


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E.Kt.Charles Grisdale


E.Kt.Robert Stacey


History 1977 to .......


Officers 2017-18

Next Meeting

Monday 12th March 2018 - Installation



BMain Course

Desert/Cheese & Biscuits


Bar available


The Knights are requested to take their places in the Preceptory before the opening of the meeting when a short drill rehearsal may be held.


All bookings for dining must be sent to the Registrar, by

TBA 2018

and MUST be accompanied by a payment. Cheques to be made payable to the Preceptory


Any dietary requirements or allergies that need to be avoided must be advised

Meals booked and not taken WILL be charged.


Principal Contacts


Most Recent  Notable Events

Agenda (abbreviated)


  1. To open the Preceptory
  2. To welcome the Provincial Prior for Somerset  and the Provincial Sub-Prior of Somerset
  3. To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2017
  4. To ballot for a JOINING member
  5. To Install the Eminent Preceptor for the ensuing year
  6. The Eminent Preceptor will appoint and invest his Officers
  7. To Present Knight Templar Patent
  8. To present MALTA Patents
  9. To receive communications
  10. To Receive an Almoners report
  11. Any other business
  12. To close the Preceptory

  1. To Open the Priory (using the Approved Shortened Form)
  2. To submit for confirmation, minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Priory held on Friday 1st December 2017
  3. To Install the Eminent Prior, after which he will appoint and  invest the Officers for the ensuing year
  4. To Close the Priory.

   Next Meeting         Summons        Dining          Most Recent Events          Chronology

2017 ….. E.Kt. A J McMurray

2015 & 2016 ….. E.Kt. N P Sumpter

2013 & 2014 ….. E.Kt. P B Buckle

2012 ….. E.Kt. R S Stacey

2011 ….. E.Kt. R M Warry

2010 ….. R.E.Kt. M Walsingham GCT PProvPrior

2009 ….. E.Kt. C J Grisdale

2008 ….. E.Kt. J A N Bentley

2007 ….. E.Kt. D B Platten PGtA-de-C

2006 ….. E.Kt. N G Warry

2005 ….. E.Kt. P J Davis

2004 ….. E.Kt. P Vaillant

2003 ….. E.Kt. R W Jeeves PGtA-de-C

2002 ….. E.Kt. P E Newman

2001 ….. E.Kt. G M Bell

2000 ….. E.Kt. R W Barber

1999 ….. E.Kt. J D B Martin PGtA-de-C

1998 ….. E.Kt. A M Craig

1997 ….. E.Kt. N J Richardson

1996 ….. E.Kt. S C Redding

1995 ….. E.Kt. P Barnard

1994 ….. E.Kt. F J Batten

1993 ….. E.Kt. G C Ashman

1992 ….. E.Kt. G G Whitworth

1991 ….. E.Kt. D J Webster

1990 ….. E.Kt. W R J Knight

1989 ….. E.Kt. I E Lane

1988 ….. E.Kt. S E P Eydman

1987 ….. E.Kt. D E Fisher

1986 ….. E.Kt. F A Fussell

1985 ….. E.Kt. G A C Wilson

1984 ….. E.Kt. J B Kaye

1983 ….. E.Kt. F H C Mounty

1982 ….. E.Kt. C F Jones

1981 ….. E.Kt. W A Stone

1980 ….. E.Kt. H A Walker

1979 ….. E.Kt. R G Purves

1978 ….. E.Kt. S J Price

1977 ….. E.Kt. Sir Lionel Brett GtChancGCT

Honours Board

An abbreviated version of the Agenda for our next meeting will be posted here when it becomes available.

March 2017

March 2018 - “A bit of a to-do”

● With prevailing snow and severe freezing conditions, impassable roads and warnings not to venture out unless it was absolutely necessary, the regular meeting scheduled for Friday 2nd March had to be postponed.

As a consequence the meeting was re-arranged for Monday 12th March, the required Dispensation sought and granted, the caterer booked, and all was ready to go when.............. a phone call was received early in the morning, informing the Preceptory that the Preceptor Elect had been taken very poorly and was not able to be present. This left both the current Eminent Preceptor and Registrar in a bit of a quandary, the former having expected only to install his successor and the latter expecting to retire.

The foreshortened meeting did however go ahead and the planned business effected, and with time to spare before the Festive Board the Provincial Prior quizzed the Knights, in competition with the E.Knights, on aspects of the Order; with the Provincial Sub-Prior acting as adjudicator. It was nip and tuck all the way but with a little embarrassment on both sides the result ended 3 ½ to 2 ½ in favour of the Knights.

A splendid evening concluded in a very convivial atmosphere, with best wishes going to the Preceptor Elect for a speedy recovery, and all looking forward to his Installation which will now take place at the next Regular meeting in May.